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Bronco Identity


Bronco Identity Management - Managing your campus electronic identity

Really, it's not so much that we manage your identity; rather, we manage the computer systems that keep track of who you are and the roles you play at Cal Poly Pomona. Your BroncoIdentity includes a lot of pieces:

  • BroncoDirect - BroncoDirect provides convenient access to important university information, administrative services and business transactions. You must log in using your BroncoName and BroncoPassword. Visit BroncoDirect at:
  • BroncoIdentity - Your BroncoIdentity is your Cal Poly Pomona computer identity. It consists of your BroncoName, BroncoNumber, BroncoPassword, and your campus roles (e.g.: student, employee, etc.).
    • BroncoID - Refers to the use of either your BroncoName or your BroncoNumber.
  • BroncoName – This is your Cal Poly Pomona user name, the primary identifier for campus-wide computer systems. It is automatically generated utilizing an algorithm and is based on portions of your legal name, which may include any combination using your first name or initial, middle name or initial, and /or last name or initial. It is the part preceding "" in your email address.
  • BroncoNumber – Your BroncoNumber is your unique student or employee identification number, and is used to identify you instead of your Social Security Number.
  • BroncoPassword – Your BroncoPassword goes along with your BroncoName and is ordinarily used for your email and most other campus-wide services, including BroncoDirect and Blackboard.
  • Roles – Everyone with an identity has one or more roles, and these may change with time. For example, a student (itself a role) may be enrolled in BIO 123 (another role) and at the same time be an employee (yet another role). The Identity Management System provides role-specific access.
  • Other identities – Individuals may have accounts on systems that are not part of the Cal Poly Pomona Identity Management System – for example, accounts in specialized computer labs.