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Wireless Access Set-Up


Wireless Access Set-Up

Setting up wireless access

To connect to the eduroam network a one-time setup process is required and you will need to establish your network password if you have not already done so. Your network password is separate from the Bronco Password

Creating a network password:

  1. Log into MyCPP with your BroncoName and BroncoPassword.
  2. Once logged in, select the Change My Network Password link under Online Services on the right section of the screen.
  3. Re-enter your Bronco Name and password when prompted.
    1. Enter the new network password in the spaces provided.

      Note: Make sure your new network password meets the password complexity requirements. Your Network Password cannot be the same as your Bronco Password.

    2. Retype your new network password.
    3. Make sure you see a green checkmark to the right of the New Password text box, which indicates that your new Network password meets the password complexity requirements.
    4. Click the Change Network Password button to set it.
  4. Your wireless network password is now set. You will need this password to log on to the eduroam wireless network.
  5. See the following links to learn how to connect your device to the eduroam wireless network.

Instruction Guide  - Configuring Your Wireless Connection:

The following instructions will assist you in configuring your wireless software package. Please choose your hardware type computer or wireless card for your appropriate software instructions.






For more information, submit an IT Service Desk ticket (you will need to know your BroncoName and BroncoPassword). If you can't log into the IT Service Desk portal, use the help request form or stop by the IT Service Desk.  For location and hours of operation, see IT Service Desk Contact Info.